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Meet The Team

We are a small team of 3, however we have share an extremely keen passion for canine behaviour and values on the science that backs it.

Meet Christine.

Hi my name is Christine, I grew up with family dogs (Dalmatians, Dobermans) and spent most of my teenage years riding and competing horses. I’ve always had an interest in dog training and purchased my first Bullmastiff at the age of 18yrs, I’ve been hooked on the breed ever since. Due to COVID my 25yr career in the aviation industry came to an abrupt halt, so when given the opportunity to join the Positive Paws team I jumped at the chance. I have been with the PP team since March 2021, in which that time i have excelled as a handler and expanded my knowledge in canine behaviour. I feel very privileged to have such a knowledgeable mentor as Davina who I admire and respect. My passion for training and thirst for understanding canine behaviourr has been ignited. I’m currently working towards my CCPDT-KA qualifications in October 2022 and completing The Puppy Lab course with The School of Canine Science.